1. Third Party Management, Supervision and Quality Assurance of Civil Works under the Third Primary Education Development Program (PEDP-3)-Package PS-213-02-ADB.
  2. Design and Supervision consultancy services for the Bangladesh Agricultural Infrastructure Development Program (BAIDP) under USAID-LGED.
  3. Installation of Pre-paid Gas Meter for Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company ltd. under Natural Gas Efficiency Project (Loan No. BD-P78).
  4. Strengthen Forest Resource Monitoring and Assessment and Forest Resource Management Information System in Bangladesh Forest Department (Package BFD/S-4)
  5. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management Project in Haor Area-Staff Management
  6. Rehabilitation and Development of Fisheries Infrastructure to Increase Production Quality Fish Seed and Fingerlings Project of DOF/ MOFL- Management Services
  7. Climate Resilient Participatory Afforestation & Reforestation Project under BFD (Package No.: BFD/S4)
  8. Consultancy Services for Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) of Cucurbits in Bangladesh under Strengthening Phytosanitary Capacity Project